Our Competence

Our team of circuit experts applies leading-technology and procedures to fullfill your PCB manufacturing needs here at our state-of-the-art facility in shenzhen and Jiangxi. With our advanced equipments and morden facility, it allows us to produce quick prototypes, small lot,medium series to large series of different types.

Our full-service PCB manufacturing capabilities include:

  •  Double sided,Multilayer up to 32 layers

  •  HDI & Flex-Rigid PCBs

  •  Fast samples within Shortest 48 hours

  •  Quick turn prototype & small lots  

  •  Medium / Large volume production

  •  Thick copper 12OZ

  •  High frequency PCBs

  •  Countersink holes

  •  Blind / Buried vias

  •  Impedence control

  •  IPC standard Class 2/3

More and more customers also trust and choose our pcb layout services because of the reliability and expertise of  our one stop solution.  With strong knowledge of Reada manufacturing capabilities and cost drivers help to evaluate the PCB design for cost optimization.

Reada's design team has 10+ years of degsigning experience.
We offer an incredibly diverse range of pcb layout services, 
and our expexts are always available to help with your NPI process.

PCB Design/ Layout

  •  Schematic Capture

  •  PCB Layout Design

  •  PCB Clone (Copy board)

  •  DFM/DFA analysis

  •  PCB Design modification

  •  Optimize current PCB designs for cost

Product Types

  •  Smart Home application (IOT devices,Audio & video devices)

  •  Medical Products

  •  Industrial PCB products

  •  Power electronics products (BMS,inverter)

  •  Consumer electronics

We offer PCB assembly and electronic manufacturing services on a full turnkey, partial turnkey or consignment basis,with streamlined,full certified processes to meet tight project deadlines. 

We can completely support our customer's NPI projects with different technologies,
PCB SMT, THT, PoP, BGA assembly. Reflow soldering in convection and vapor-phase ovens, selective soldering, hand mounting,PCBA Testing.

SMD capability and assembly:
 Through Hole Assembly 
 SMD Assembly 
 Wave Soldering
 X-ray Inspection 
 AOI Inspection 
 ICT Testing 
 SMD components with Min. 0201 
 No MOQ or MPQ limited
 Quick PCBA prototypes

Standard PCBs
Multilayer PCBs
Flex-Rigid PCBs
Special PCBs
PCB Assembly
Products Application
Who are we?

With the strong automatic production equipments and state of art technology, Reada is highly recognized with its industry leading development and manufacturing capabilities over full spectrum of PCB technology requirements.We continuously deliver high quality PCBs to our customers in the global market. 

Skilled workers
Monthly production capacity(sqm)
Happy customers
Our Excellent Partners

Products are widely used in Communications, Automotive electronics, Network equipment, Industrial control, Computer applications, Smart Home IOT, Medical and other industries, and have been unanimously recognized by customers

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Our Advantages

  • Flexible

    High-mix technology available Rich material options Flexbile cooperate ways and payment term
  • One Stop Solution

    Hi-mix orders from prototypes to series production Support PCB fabrication to Assembly
  • High Quality Products

    ISO9001/14001,UL,IATF16949,OHSAS18001 Certificated.High quality raw materials. 
  • Fast Delivery

    Fast production of small and medium-sized batches and Shortest production 24 hours.