PCB Design

What we can do ?

We provide custom printed circuit board design and layout for smart Home & IOT,Power electronics, Industry electronics,consumer electronics etc for a variety of electronic systems and fields of application.
You might already have design schematics created and require a PCB layout from them, or you might be looking to improve and optimize your existing design for cost-effective assembly. We can help you build PCB designs, including high speed PCB design from scratch, as well as provide technology consulting services to solve any technical complexities you might have.

What's included?

  From PCB schematic design and PCB board layout to testing, validation, and certification, 

  we take responsibility for the full cycle of the PCB design process and support your whole process of NPI. 

Which tools we are good at?

For PCB design 

• Altium Designer 22

• Eagle CAD 9.6
• Protel

• KiCAD 5.2

• Autodesk Fusion360

For FW development

• Arduino IDE

• PyCharm

• Visual Studio Code (PlatformIO)

• Zerynth IDE

Technical support

  Upon completion of the project, we create a full document package that
  comprises BOM 
and Gerber files, 3D models, and technical manuals.

  In addition, we set a warranty period for our PCB design services.
  During this period,we fix bugs 
and provide other technical support
  covered by the warranty. After the warranty period ends,
we stay in
  touch with our customers and can consult them when needed.