PCB Assembly

SMT Lines

We have 6 SMT lines, fully automated with :

  PCB Stacker/Destacker

  Removing/placing solder paste with 2D inspection

  Placement machines Pick and Place

  Reflow oven

  X-ray inspection

The products are qualified from prototypes to mass production, with the same recommendations and the same machines.

Wave Soldering

In electronics, we're talking about soldering which uses temperatures below 450°C.

Wave soldering : ROHS tin or lead bath

Selective wave soldering : wave “finger” by a conventional soldering head driven in X, Y, Z

With the latter, we use an automated point to point soldering technique, replacing the soldering iron.

Our soldering process is RoHs qualified, but we also keep the leaded process for certain activities.

Our soldering is carried out in an inert atmosphere with nitrogen supply that reduces the level of oxygen to improve the wettability of the solder.

SMD Assembly Capability

Technological capabilities of SMD assembly :

   Minimal size of discrete component 0201,

   integrated circuits and connectors - minimal  pitch 0.35mm,


   Max.PCB size : 450*500mm 

   Part thickness:  0.5mm ≤T ≤ 3mm

   Max Parts size assembly by machine:  SMD ≤ 200*125mm

   PCB type: Rigid PCB,flex pcb, Semi-flex pcbs