What we can do ?

We provide custom printed circuit board design and layout for smart Home & IOT,Power electronics, Industry electronics,consumer electronics etc for a variety of electronic systems and fields of application.
You might already have design schematics created and require a PCB layout from them, or you might be looking to improve and optimize your existing design for cost-effective assembly. We can help you build PCB designs, including high speed PCB design from scratch, as well as provide technology consulting services to solve any technical complexities you might have.

Testing Content

A list of our tools :

  Visual inspection following IPC criteria HD Camera

  2D AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)

  Flying probe test

  X-ray inspection

  Functional test with dedicated test bench and bay (Custom, National Instrument)

  DIEL test Isolation

  Burn-in (cycle defines -30°C to +150°C with power supply)

  Ionic decontamination

SMT Lines

We have 6 SMT lines, fully automated with :

  PCB Stacker/Destacker

  Removing/placing solder paste with 2D inspection

  Placement machines Pick and Place

  Reflow oven

  X-ray inspection

The products are qualified from prototypes to mass production, with the same recommendations and the same machines.

Components sourcing

For your PCB assembly projects, we can take care of your component sourcing according to your Bill of Material (BOM), so that you don’t have to worry about checking and comparing with multiple sources on quantities and prices.

We work with all major global distributors such as Digikey, Mouser, Element 14, Future etc., and also with China local authorized distributors, in this way we can deliver reliability and traceability components assembled on board ( or not assembled ) to your hand.

Wave Soldering

In electronics, we're talking about soldering which uses temperatures below 450°C.

Wave soldering : ROHS tin or lead bath

Selective wave soldering : wave “finger” by a conventional soldering head driven in X, Y, Z

With the latter, we use an automated point to point soldering technique, replacing the soldering iron.

Our soldering process is RoHs qualified, but we also keep the leaded process for certain activities.

Our soldering is carried out in an inert atmosphere with nitrogen supply that reduces the level of oxygen to improve the wettability of the solder.

SMD Assembly Capability

Technological capabilities of SMD assembly :

   Minimal size of discrete component 0201,

   integrated circuits and connectors - minimal  pitch 0.35mm,


   Max.PCB size : 450*500mm 

   Part thickness:  0.5mm ≤T ≤ 3mm

   Max Parts size assembly by machine:  SMD ≤ 200*125mm

   PCB type: Rigid PCB,flex pcb, Semi-flex pcbs