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PCB SMD Assembly

Our SMD assembly offer is addressed to companies and institutions, which are looking for a comprehensive service in the electronic production field. Thanks to the strong supply chain in China, we can also help customers purchase partial or all components. As a part of an order we can accomplish the following operations:


1. SMD capacity and assembly:

   ◆  SMD components with packages 0201 to 55 mm2, connectors –
   58 000 components per hour (IPC 9850)

   ◆  Automatic SMD assembly for series production with Reflow-
   soldering and glue-technology

   ◆  2 HighTech SMD lines from the latest generation by JUKI with
   2 integrated automats and a  lead-free ovens for
   Reflow-soldering (Jaguar)

   ◆  2-D inspection for paste printing

   ◆  Manual SMD assembly for prototypes and small series

   ◆  Mounting of small bodies

   ◆  BGA and uBGA

   ◆  Supply and assembly of exotic elements

   ◆  100 % traceability


2.  Advanced Quality control and Testing – needed in a limited number of cases

   ◆  AOI test (Automatic Optical Inspection) – thanks to this test, the
      vast majority of assembly errors, which may be unobserved by
      imperfect human eye, is captured

   ◆  X-RAY control(„roentgen”)– thanks to this verification we can
      control soldering quality in the areas, where AOI tester is not effective,
      e.g. short circuits can be verified / cold solders in BGA etc.

   ◆  IPC-A-610F class 2 standards

   ◆  ISO9001 Quality system

   ◆  Free Visual inspection

   ◆  ICT(In-Circuit Test) Testing

    AOI Inspection.jpg

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