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Regular Capability

ITEMRigid PCB Manufacturing Capability
Layers2L-32L (HDI:3+N+3) For Small lots, 2-18Layers(HDI:1+N+1 2+N+2) For large volume
Base Materials:CEM3, FR4, Metal Core, Polymide, ISOLA, Teflon, Rogers
Surface TreatmentHAL, Lead Free HAL, Gold Plating, Immersion Gold, OSP, HAL+G/F, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin
Max Panel sizeMin10*10mm, 2L:Max:2000*450mm  4L:Max:1350*530mm
Board Thickness2L:0.15~6.50mm   4L:0.30~6.50mm
Min.Core ThicknessMin: 0.05mm (0.002Inch)
Min.Cu Thickness(Base)1/4 OZ (8um)
Max.Cu Thickness(Base)12 OZ (420um)
Conductor width/spacingMin: 0.05mm (0.002Inch)
Min. Drilling DiameterMechanical Drilling: ≧0.2mm, Laser Drilling: < 0.1mm
Hole Wall Wopper Thickness≧20um (0.508Inch)
Aspect Ratio10:1
Solder Mask Bridge3.0mil (0.076mm)
Min.SMT/QFP Pitch0.25mm (10mil)
Min.BGA Pitch0.30mm (12Mil)
Max.Board/Array Size (Universal ET)430mm*1280mm (16.93*50.39Inch)
Plug Hole Dia.0.30~0.60mm (11.81~23.62mil)
Slot SizeMin:0.60mm (23.62mil)
V-CUT Angle15° 30° 45°
Beveling Angle20º 30º 45º 60º 
HDI Structure1+N+1 \ 2+N+2 \ 3+N+3
Trace width/space±10%
PTH Diameter±3mil (±0.076mm)
NPTH Diameter±2mil (±0.0508mm)
Slot Length±4mil (±0.100mm)
Hole to Hole Location±2mil (±0.0508mm)
Hole to edge dimension±4mil (±0.100mm)
Registration(O/L)± 1.5mil (±0.038mm)
Impedence value±10% Ohm
V-CUT Tolerance±4mil (±0.100mm)
Outline Tolerance±5mil (±0.127mm)
Warp & Twist≤0.50%
Surface Finish
Immersion Ni/AuYES
Ni thhickness>2.00um (>78.70U")
Au thickness0.025-0.10um (1-4U")
Flash GoldYES
Ni thhickness>2.50um (>100U")
Au thickness0.025-0.075um (1-3U")
OSP (F2 Chemical Liquid)YES
OSP Thickness0.20-1.00um (7.87-39.37U")
Immersion TinYES
Tin Thickness0.80-1.20um (31.50-47.24U")
Immersion AgYES
Ag Thickness0.10-0.50um (3.937-19.69U")
Solder thickness1.00-40.00um (39.37-1574.80U")
Others (Carbon ink & Peelable soldermask)YES

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