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Reada is one of the leading Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer in the world.

The company has over 3500 skilled employees and Monthly capacity of 3.1 million SF(310000sqm). Our Annual sales Turnover in 2015 reach appr.350 million USD.

With our mission to be the best one-stop PCB solution supplier, we provide the most wide ranging products including:

● Multilayer PCB(up to 32L )
● Blind / Burried vias
● HDI Technology
● Impedence Control
● Rigid-Flex pcbs
● Metal Core PCB

● Heavy copper pcbs
● Flexible pcbs

With the strong automatic production equipments and state of art technology, it is highly recognized with its industry leading development and manufacturing capabilities over full spectrum of PCB technology requirements.

At Reada, by focusing on customer’s satisfaction and continuous technical improvement. Our qualified production team manufactures and delivers customer-specific products with the greatest amount of speed, flexibility and precision. Meanwhile, we specially respect and protect customers’ Intellectual property and patent. It is reliable and dependable to work with us.

We know that your success with your customer will bring our growth and prosperity through this win-win partnership.

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